LI Awards 2014

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. © LDA Design Consulting LLP

In 2014, the LI President’s Award went to LDA Design Consulting LLP for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. You can find out more about this winning project in our feature on Celebrating the President’s Award.

LI awards categories

Below is a list of the other winning projects from 2014, the winners from each year back to 2006.

Adding Value Through

  1. Winner: Maida Hill Market, London. Architect: Gillespies.
  2. Highly Commended: Columbia Road Discovery Park, Sunderland. Architect: Sunderland City Council.
  3. Highly Commended: The Strategy Team: Hampshire City Council. Architect: Hampshire City Council Property Services.

Communications and Presentation

  1. Winner: South Pennines Watershed Project. Architect: South Pennines Local Nature Partnership.

Small Scale Private

  1. Highly Commended: Vermillion, Rathbone Market. Architect: Churchman Architects.

Small Scale Public

  1. Winner: Tumbling Bay Playground, Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park, London. Architect: LUC.
  2. Highly Commended: Liverpool Central Library. Architect: Austin-Smith Lord.

Medium Scale Public

  1. Winner: Eastside City Park, Birmingham. Architect: Patel Taylor.
  2. Highly Commended: City Park, Bradford. Architect: Gillespies.
  3. Highly Commended: Lon Gwyrfai, Multi Use Path Architect: Harrison Design Development Ltd.

Medium Scale Private

  1. Highly Commended: London South Bank University Student Centre Public Realm, London. Architect: B|D landscape architects.
  2. Highly Commended: Battersea Power Station Pavilion and Pop-Up, London. Architect: LDA Design Consulting LLP.

Large Scale Public

  1. Highly Commended: Burgess Park Regeneration, London. Architect: LDA Design Consulting LLP.
  2. Highly Commended: Wandle Park, Croydon. Architect: Croydon Council.

Heritage and Conservation

  1. Highly Commended: The Restoration of Brockwell Park, London. Architect: LU.

Policy and Research

  1. Winner: A Comprehensive Street Tree Management Plan for Hong Kong. Architect: Urbis.
  2. Highly Commended: Environmental Stewardship & Historical Parkland. Architect: Cookson & Tickner.
  3. Highly Commended: Monitoring the Effects of Environmental Stewardship on Character and Quality, and Developing Indicators and Thresholds for Monitoring the Impacts of Environmental Stewardship. Architect: LUC.
  4. Highly Commended: The State of UK Public Parks 2014. Architect: Peter Neal Consulting Ltd.

Neighbourhood Planning

  1. Winner: Church Street and Paddington Green Infrastructure and Public Health Plan. Architect: Grant Associates.

Strategic Planning

  1. Winner: Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. Architect: LDA Design Consulting LLP.
  2. Highly Commended: Seascape Assessment for the South Marine Plan Areas. Architect: LUC.

Student Dissertation

  1. Winner: Jacqui Jobbins, ‘A new ethical design process’.
  2. Highly Commended: David Hammett, Vanessa Powell, and Lauri Mikkola.

Student Portfolio

  1. Winner: Paloma Stott.
  2. Highly commended: Freddie Egan.

Urban Design and Masterplanning

  1. Highly Commended: Canal Park Design Guide. Architect: J & L Gibbons LLP.
  2. Highly Commended: Masterplan for East Village, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Architect: Broadway Malyan.

Fellows’ Award for Climate Change Adaptation

Winner: Adapting to Climate Change: Launching the debate in the Lower Ouse Valley Architect: LDA Design Consulting LLP.