Do you visit construction sites?

    You may have heard that CSCS is shortly making changes to the cards it issues but the good news is that it is unlikely that the changes will affect landscape professionals.  However if you are a licentiate and have had a red card for some time, then take heed…

    Although not a statutory requirement, many contractors and construction clients insist that people regularly working on their sites, particularly if not escorted, hold the appropriate CSCS card for the work they undertake.  CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training to enable safe and appropriate site behaviour.  
    There is a range of CSCS cards to reflect the varied occupations in construction. To check which card is the right one there is an online .  CMLI & FLI Members should probably be applying for a .  
    Licentiates, with a construction related degree ) should apply for a .  Note that the list of construction-related degrees in this case does not include landscape design.
    White cards last five years and are renewable. 
    Licentiates who are current registered with a further/higher education college or university for a “nationally recognised construction related qualification” can apply for a ). These last three years and can only be renewed once so this is where problems may arise if thay haven’t qualified by the time the card runs out. 
    If you are a landscape professional and meet none of the above criteria then it is likely you may need to apply for a Visitors Card.  
    If you find you need a new card, bear in mind you will need to:
    be able to demonstrate your level of academic or professional achievement
    book and have passed the CITB Managers and Professionals Health & Safety Environment Test 
    provide current or previous employer details
    submit a signed application form
    pay fees of £17.50 for the test and £30.00 for the card.

    Blog by Simon Odell CMLI, Head of Technical and Professional Services at the Institute



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