LIs Fracking Stance

    Fracking has been because of concerns about a range of environmental impacts. Some of these we can do something about professionally and some are more for others, including the the Environment Agency or HSE.
    The Institute has not taken a policy position on fracking yet, and may not. It is, however, aware that some members consider that a more strategic approach nationally would be helpful in terms of planning for fracking and managing the consequences in different parts of the UK.
    What the recent meeting of the did decide though is that existing techniques, such as should be sufficient to appraise landscape and visual impacts. Originally the committee also thought that some more research might be required to be able to describe and take into account the burning off or ‘flaring’ of gas that occurs at the well sites. Sometimes this is the early gas from the well, particularly during exploration phase, and sometimes it is waste gas. Either way flaring would introduce a flickering lighting effect into landscapes, and when lots of wells are flaring together could result in a lot of light pollution. But the good news is that we understand that the Environment Agency will not be allowing open flaring.
    On the subject of LVIA, the Institute is holding a series of over the next few months. Find out more on the .

    – Simon Odell, CMLI, Head of Technical and Professional Services, is available via email[email protected]

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