highlighted a number of developments in the world of survey and spatial data use which Simon Odell thinks will be of interest to fellow landscape planners

    – The Coal Authority already provides a for some of its data but will be releasing more datasets as opendata early next year

    – Adobe Photoshop now has a which makes it able to handle geodata and create layouts and visualisations

    – Adobe Illustrator with can now export geospatials; free trials of this software  are available
    Bathymetric LIDAR is vertical resolution to survey lake, saltmarsh and river bed topography

    – The new launched this August will deliver 30cm resolution imagery from February 2015; it can also see through haze

    – The BGS has developed a range of providing soils and geological data about where you are, including a fascinating augmented reality one (IGeology 3D)

    I have included links here to the material at the show, but of course there is no particular endorsement of them if there are competitor products available. I also too the opportunity to challenge a number of the GIS software stakeholders about what they are doing about GIS for BIM. 

    This blog was written by Simon Odell, CMLI, Head of Technical and Professional Services, who is available via email[email protected]

    Image by Eric Fischer, . Reproduced here under the Creative Commons licence.