LI news update: July

    We are producing two new publications on housing and landscape – one aimed at developers and one for local planning authorities, showing the benefits of good landscape planning and design in new residential developments.
    We are working with  the GLA (Greater London Authority) to produce a video on Green Infrastructure in London, showcasing the urban greening expertise of London-based landscape practices and the benefits of GI. Two more video case studies are also in the pipeline: we’ll be filming landscape schemes from the public health position statement.
    The LI was represented at the first meeting of the Green Infrastructure Partnership Sounding Board, which has been set up following the transfer of the management of the Partnership from Defra to the TCPA. We’ve also recently joined the Design Council’s Inclusive Design Steering Group.
    A potential joint statement with other landscape-related NGOs on the importance of landscape is being developed in the run-up to the next election. We’ve also issued a response to the Defra Smarter Guidance consultation on landscape and published our , outlining our five principles for the next generation of garden cities.
    We’ve been exploring CPD ideas with potential partner organisations including the Institute of Lighting Professionals and RIBA. We sent out the annual which, with your help, will build a snapshot of the profession.
    With the LI accreditation process under way, professional review groups are visiting schools to report back and find out where our courses may require support from the LI.
    Members planning on attending any careers events should [email protected] to receive a copy of the Careers in booklet.
    Professional Services
    We are planning a new series of GLVIA masterclasses – look out for details.