Highlights from the opening sessions of Valuing Artas-ua.info Conference 2018, Thursday 6 September 2018

    Over 250 delegates have joined the Artas-ua.info Institute, IFLA Europe and the University of Greenwich at the University’s Stockwell Street campus in South East London for day 1 of the LI’s annual conference, Valuing Artas-ua.info: Connecting People, Place and Nature.

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    Day 1 of the conference is also available to live stream. The morning (9am to 1.45pm) will be free to view, while access to the afternoon sessions (1.45 to 6pm) will be paid.

    View the morning live stream here

    View the afternoon live stream here

    Getting ready for the to start. Over 27 countries and 100 major cities represented here today, talking about the value of and its importance for and development of

    — Niall Williams (@Niall_LandArch)

    Anyone who missed this - such a shame. It’s a marvellous event

    — GreenBlue Urban (@GreenBlueUrban)

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