In 2009 BBUK were appointed by Countryside Properties to look at the public realm and landscape for Phase 1, Parcels 10, 11, 12b and 12c of the Abode site. BBUK worked with the design team to take forward the initial design concepts for the site to create a high quality residential community on land between Trumpington and Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge. The landscape proposals have been designed to create a clear sense of identity to the development and set the design standards for the first homes on a development that will eventually have 2500 new homes.

The landscape proposals gave a coherent character to the public realm and open spaces as well as creating a clear hierarchy to primary, secondary and tertiary streets. Sustainable urban drainage has been incorporated throughout the site with rain gardens and permeable paving. A large existing road sits in the centre of the site this has mass plantings of Cornus shrubs underplanted with decorative grasses, the Cornus will be regularly coppiced. Formal ‘bosquets’ of ash trees surround the road and form a strong green margin at the heart of the scheme.

Approximate Map Location