The basin forms part of Bank Street corridor, a linear park, formerly the site of the Monklands Canal. Prior to regeneration the site was derelict and unsafe with issues of anti-social behavior and dumping. The approach was to regenerate site into a new public open space for Coatbridge and reconnect pedestrian links between the town’s visitor attractions, the town centre and local facilities. Preserving and interpreting the sites rich industrial heritage was at the centre of the design approach as was the decision to preserve the sites rich and raw character.

Bank Street Basin was a key site identified for regeneration in the Town Centre Action Plan in 2005 to help realize a positive and sustainable future for Coatbridge. The regeneration of the site has meant that the space is now accessible, safe and attractive for both locals and visitors and has once again been integrated into the town’s public realm. The site has been rebranded and regenerated and the proposals have been well supported by the local people and the project has restored a sense of civic pride to the town’s new public open space. The interpretative artworks have proven very popular and have generated a great deal of interest across generations of local people. The success of the project is due to the positive consultation between the client, consultants and stakeholders and the significant support it has been shown along the way. Given the condition of the site and anti-social and safety issues it had prior to regeneration there was some local skepticism about the success of the project. The transformation of Bank Street Basin has been well received by the local community and the success of the project is measured by the number of people who now spend time in the space and the positive uses which it encourages.

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