Design and assessment of a 28 turbine onshore wind farm located in Brechfa Forest, 10km north east of Carmarthen. The 57.4 megawatt wind farm will generate enough renewable electricity to meet the needs of approximately 38,800 average UK households annually.

LUC was commissioned to input to the siting and design of this large onshore wind farm on behalf of RWE npower renewables Ltd (now Innogy SE). LUC used 3D software ‘Windfarm’ to test the siting of turbines to achieve the most visually balanced layout while taking into account the many on-site constraints (e.g. watercourses, telecommunications links, areas of high bat activity) while ensuring  satisfactory energy yields.

LUC subsequently undertook the landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) and wrote the LVIA chapter for the EIA. All work was undertaken in-house, including preparing digitally modelled zones of theoretical visibility (ZTV) and photomontages.  LUC’s strategy was to influence project design and give early advice on mitigation, reducing potential negative effects from the outset, and lowering consenting risks for the developer.  LUC also provided landscape and visual expert witness evidence at the subsequent examination.

Approximate Map Location