Boardwalk to attenuation basin. Photo: Allen Scott

The brief was to provide a new public park in the Manor Royal Business District, which had been formed with the designation of Crawley as a new town. The park has acted as a catalyst for regeneration and set a precedent for other neglected pieces of land nearby. It is used for both intended and unintended activities, including geocaching, lunch-time exercise and wildlife recording days.

The brief emphasised the need to find new and more co-operative ways of looking after projects once they are completed and involving local people. Innovation in the design including incorporating photovoltaic cells and a battery in signs to power uplighters and the chipping of wood that was removed to create wildlife habitats.

The scheme delivers a range of environmental, social and economic benefits and is underpinned by sustainable design principles throughout, including the choice and sourcing of materials and plants.

Approximate Map Location