In 2008 the booklet “Rugby Radio Station a new direction of growth for Rugby” was produced as a supporting submission to Rugby’s LDF Core Strategy Options Discussion Paper. This advocates the creation of a Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) growing organically from Rugby on land between the West Coast Mainline and the A5.

Parkwood Consultancy Services (formerly trading as Roger Griffiths Associates) was commissioned by Rugby Radio Station Limited Partnership (RRSLP) to produce the Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategy report as a key supplementary document for the outline planning application for the SUE. Conforming to government guidance and Rugby Borough Council’s Core Strategy, the GI Strategy aims to provide a high quality environment for new and existing communities and help promote the Rugby Radio Station SUE as a great place to live, work and invest.

The report reviewed current government GI guidance and examples of best practice before a comprehensive baseline study was undertaken and the wide range of information was gathered and mapped in a set of GI Assets Plans.  This built up a solid foundation for establishing the key GI principles and objectives for the site. Integration of GI was also investigated at the local level to ensure the implementation of a high quality, well connected and multifunctional GI network.

The GI Strategy also outlines a number of innovative ways of delivering GI principles throughout the site via various short, medium and long term land management plans that draw together the management of the landscape and habitats as well as the retained cultural heritage assets.

Extensive public consultation events were held at different stages including a five day Public Design Inquiry in June 2009 and a CABE Design Review in January 2010. An outline of the key issues/concerns regarding the GI raised through the consultation process was included in the report and this was then followed by clear design responses.

Outline planning permission for Rugby Radio Station SUE was granted in May 2014. In the formal consultation response letter, the GI Strategy report was praised by Natural England as ‘Exemplar’ for its excellent detailed recommendations, based on a comprehensive collation of principles, themes and best practice.

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