©Photo Credit -Helen Jermyn

The project comprises three important, historical open spaces namely, Minster Pool and Walk, the Garden of Remembrance and Beacon Park (parts of which are called the Museum Gardens and the Recreation Grounds). These historic parks form a chain of well-loved and well used public open spaces located immediately
adjacent to the historic centre of Lichfield and dominated by views of the medieval Cathedral. The three parks, each with their own distinct history, form part of an important open space corridor through an otherwise urban area. Located immediately adjacent to the city centre retail core, the proximity and the quality of these green spaces support Lichfield’s urban rejuvenation strategy by enhancing the setting of this historic city.

The aims of the project were to:

• Create regionally noteworthy parks;
• Complement the wider regeneration of Lichfield City Centre;
• Conserve/enhance the built and natural environment;
• Encourage new and repeat visits through events/activities;
• Create new management structure to address long term management;
• Provide facilities for a District which will see an additional 8000 homes built by 2026.

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