Working with Countryside Properties, BBUK have designed the landscape and public realm areas relating to the construction of 229 new homes to the south of Cambridge. The streets and public spaces have SUDS features, rills, rain gardens and an attenuation pond incorporated throughout the development. Cambridge City Council, having published SUDS Design and Adoption Guide, worked closely with BBUK and responded positively to the strategy. In addition to the SUDs features slowing rainwater run off rates, they also help to calm the traffic, contribute towards the play strategy and provide generous linear street plantings through the site. The strategy of keeping SUDS features visible and not burying them means that the site’s landscape is further enhanced with rain garden type, damp tolerant planting but it will also ensure long term maintenance and management is easier and more economical.

A formal ‘pocket’ park and community orchard, with apple tree varieties from Cambridgshire, is situated in the center of the site. A more natural linear park runs down the western edge of the site with an existing hedgerow at its heart this has been enhanced with native nut bearing trees and four large new English oak trees.

The development has 40% affordable housing across the site in a mixture of family sized houses and flats in apartment blocks, the affordable housing provider is BPHA. The apartment buildings are located along the principal spine road through the site and the landscape is designed to relate to the buildings and the road as well as incorporating and protecting an existing hedgerow and field ditch. The hedgerow is punctured in three places along its length to provide pedestrian access from the spine road through to the residential entrances, the pedestrian bridges traverse the existing field ditch. Local areas for play are located outside apartment block entrances, with trees, planting and benches so these open spaces can be enjoyed by all generations.

Approximate Map Location