Illustration showing green infrastructure in M40 Valdebebas Calle Alberto de Palacio. Copyright: Arup

This project provides a bespoke strategic plan, supported by a programme of practical, nature-based solutions, in response to the effects of climate change on Madrid. The landscape-led project is designed to benefit all citizens, communities, workers and visitors to the city and help the city anticipate, and deal with, future change. Arup’s landscape architects worked closely with its research team to run a series of workshops which were essential for understanding the way that the city works and what interventions could and could not succeed. Many were on a small scale but have a big impact. The team produced a ‘vision map’ for the city, pinpointing the potential changes that could be made and providing a common focus for developments. The project demonstrates how other cities could tackle the effects of climate change in a practical way that would also improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors.

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