The A55 was extended from Bangor to Holyhead in 2001, using the ‘Design Build Finance Operate’ model of PFI contract.  25km of new dual-carriageway road was built across Anglesey, incorporating extensive areas of habitat creation and of landscape mitigation planting to meet commitments given in the Environmental Statement.  Achieving these commitments and managing the highway for 30 years are the responsibility of the concession company UK Highways (A55) Ltd.

In 2003 UK Highways appointed Richards, Moorehead and Laing Ltd as and Ecology Manager under the contract.  RML staff who worked on the Environmental Assessment and project design stages of the scheme provide a high degree of continuity from the early project stages, and have the satisfaction of seeing their design and mitigation ideas carried through into action.  The work included the preparation and 5-yearly review of a and Ecology Management Strategy, encompassing urban tree and shrub planting areas, extensive grasslands and woodland planting on the highway margins, new waterbodies and habitat creation areas developed specifically to replace habitats lost in the construction of the road.  In all, some 57ha of grasslands, 41ha of new planting and 52km of hedges and planted cloddiau were being managed, together with 17 habitat creation areas, 23 balancing ponds and a range of wildlife barriers and underpasses.  Sections of the older Bangor bypass and other roads were also being managed on behalf of Welsh Government under this contract.  RML’s landscape and ecology staff monitored the growth and development of landscape areas, surveyed habitats for protected species, recorded the biodiversity interest of grasslands, and planned management work programmes in accordance with the Strategy.  Working under licences from Natural Resources Wales, they also supervised works where Great Crested Newts, Water Voles and other species might be affected.

Twice a year the Anglesey Environment Group, consisting of the company, Welsh Government and agents, CCW/NRW and Environment Agency, met with the Lansdcape and Ecology Manager to review the management of habitat creation areas and consider further enhancements.

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