The Masterplan for Aberystwyth is designed to deliver the continued investment in, and development of the Welsh town for the next twenty years. Multi-disciplinary practice LDA Design led the masterplan in conjunction with Ceredigion County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government. It will shape and influence regeneration and investment activity for the next two decades and aims to challenge existing views and raise people’s aspirations for the town.

The approach for the Aberystwyth Masterplan was based on three key principles: firstly, to ensure that places can grow positively while retaining their unique character; secondly, to engage with the local community and stakeholders; and thirdly, to ensure the plan was flexible enough to adapt to changing social and economic circumstances. This was achieved through a logical process including workshops, public exhibitions and the identification of key projects. The completed masterplan demonstrates the ability of the landscape architect to guide a regeneration or development project from strategic conception to detailed design and implementation.

Meetings, workshops and public exhibitions were held to ensure the local community and stakeholders were fully engaged in the process and that proposals reflected their desires and aspirations for the town. A series of key projects have been identified for the town, including possible relocation of the railway station and redevelopment of the football club site.

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