The Partnership was responsible for the development of a Green Infrastructure Plan for Milton Keynes, and in particular the rural areas of the authority. The aim of the plan was to provide the framework for the development of a strategic network of open spaces and access links for existing and future residents of Milton Keynes.

The Plan identifies existing assets to be retained and enhanced, as well as future projects to address deficits in provision which will enhance access to and enjoyment of a wide variety of green spaces. These projects are identified under the following categories:

  • Green Infrastructure Action Areas
  • Countryside Access Gateways
  • Green Infrastructure Opportunity Areas
  • Strategic Access Links
  • Strategic Corridors

The Plan seeks to ensure continuity with surrounding green infrastructure strategies and has involved consultation with surrounding local authorities as well of members of the public and a steering group which included Milton Keynes Council, Milton Keynes Parks Trust and the Forest of Marston Vale.

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