Mount Pleasant Park occupies a unique position above Whitehaven Harbour and has been a place of strategic maritime significance throughout Whitehaven’s history. The park is the setting for a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and contains many remnants from the town’s industrial and maritime past.

Gillespies’ designs to renew the park reflect the historical and cultural heritage of this site, while connecting it to both the town centre and coastal fringe. Central to the greenspace are a series of terraced gardens connected by precipitous steps. These ‘garden rooms’ are the last remaining evidence of old workers’ housing that once occupied the slope.

The hanging gardens are rejuvenated with new landscaping that takes inspiration from the harbour’s overseas links, introducing plants from across the continents, while compass points on the new lookout show visitors the direction of key destinations out to sea. The scheme also includes innovative lighting proposals for the Scheduled Ancient Monument Duke Pit Fan House, a local landmark. The renewal of the park in this key coastal location aims to attract increased numbers of visitors and tourists to this area, and promises to be a key attraction on Cumbria’s colourful coast.

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