LUC began working with Mainstream Renewable Power in 2008, providing strategic seascape and visual impact advice for a series of offshore wind farm sites located off the east coast of Scotland. A second phase of work focussed on examining layouts for potential sites, including for Neart na Gaoithe.

In 2011 we were appointed to carry out seascape, landscape and visual impact assessment of the proposed 450MW offshore wind farm off the Fife Coast. Through our involvement with the Forth and Tay Wind Farm Developers Group we developed collaborative approaches to common baselines for assessment of four offshore proposals in the area.  This involved close working with the client and other technical specialists, alongside Scottish Natural Heritage, Marine Scotland and the Crown Estate.

LUC provided preliminary strategic design work for the offshore wind farm, and carried out a detailed impact assessment as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the scheme. We took part in public exhibitions designed to gauge public opinion, and demonstrated the likely visibility of the offshore turbines through ZTV mapping and photomontages.

Meanwhile, LUC also undertook onshore cable routeing and substation siting studies for the grid connection. We subsequently undertook the EIA for the proposed onshore works, working closely with the offshore marine consultants to effectively manage the interface between the terrestrial and marine zones.

While the onshore works received unanimous detailed planning approval in June 2013, the offshore wind farm has been subject to judicial review since originally gaining consent in 2015. LUC remains involved in the project and look forward to a successful outcome for Mainstream.