©Photo Credit: Gillespies / Jason Gairn

NEO Bankside is a new luxury residential development in London on a high profile site adjacent to the Tate Modern.

The landscape design seeks to place NEO Bankside within a richly landscaped environment, blending private garden spaces with tree-lined linear groves of alder and birch which form the boundary to a new public realm. The gardens are accessible to the public during the day.

The landscape strategy defines the threshold between semi private, private and publically accessible spaces through the use of heavily planted berms, pebble lined moats, stone lined cuttings and narrow walkways that combine to create a strong sense of identity for the site.

The theme of the groves echoes the planted language around Tate Modern and in so doing helps to reinforce and unify the network of public spaces in the wider area, creating a clear relationship with adjacent public spaces.

Approximate Map Location