Brighton and Hove is moving towards a more pedestrian-friendly approach in the public realm, This project grew from the aspiration of politicians and theatre directors to maximise New Road’s potential as a cultural quarter. Projects worked with Brighton and Hove City Council on the development of a Legibility Strategy, examining the pedestrian and visitor experience of the borough, and, in collaboration with Gehl Architects from Copenhagen, made recommendations for transformations to the public realm.

New Road sits at the heart of the cultural quarter, linking the Royal Pavilion gardens to the new library. The street needed to accommodate civic activities as well as the more informal uses associated with theatres, cafes and restaurants. Through a collaborative design process, Projects, Gehl Architects and the City Council reimagined the street as a natural stone surface. Since its opening, the street has become well-used as a centerpiece of Brighton’s Cultural Quarter and is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the city.

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