The coast of the East of England is among the most environmentally rich, scenic and economically diverse landscapes in the country, but many of its communities suffer from deprivation and unemployment.

The Partnership worked in partnership with Suffolk County Council and Waveney District Council to deliver an urban design framework to transform Lowestoft’s town centre and sea front and stimulate inward investment.

One of the drivers behind this ‘Sunrise Scheme’ was to improve connections between the seafront, residential areas and the town, and designs were developed in consultation with key stakeholder groups.

Seaside resorts need not hide the fact that they are about entertainment, but they can be beautiful without losing the essence of the place. This scheme involved reviving the main shopping street as shared space, clearing away the clutter. New art includes bespoke play equipment, pavement etchings and sculpture, and the central hub, Royal Plain, was redesigned with interactive fountains. This has proved a lively focal space for both daytime and evening use, popular with residents and tourists alike.

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