The Study would serve as a comprehensive and systematic reference for the Government in their formulation of future street tree management strategies.

Specific objectives:

  • Undertake a comprehensive review of best practice in highly populated urban settings, including 5 overseas case studies.
  • Undertake a review of current practice in Government departments responsible for tree management.
  • Formulate a street tree management framework with detailed procedures and work methods for achieving sustainable a high quality street tree population.
  • Formulate a systematic and cost-effective plan for the care and establishment of young trees on Government land.
  • To formulate a systematic and cost-effective plan for the on-going maintenance of all trees on Government land.
  • Formulate a systematic, cost-effective strategic street tree removal and replacement plan.

The Study was commissioned by Development Bureau to aid their tree management section (GLTMS) and provide policy steer to other Departments. It is the first comprehensive review of street tree policy, administrative and technical issues and has been presented to all relevant Government Departments and the Expert Panel on Tree Management.

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