OPEN was commissioned in late 2010 to prepare a feasibility and mapping research study exploring the potential for vacant, derelict, and ‘stalled’ land to be used in the short or medium term for temporary greenspace and other interim land uses. The pilot study was commissioned by the Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT) in the context of the NPG2 National Projects agenda. It asked OPEN to identify actions which achieve environmental and social benefits, and to propose temporary landscapes that are fundable and maintainable on a temporary yet self-sustaining basis. The pilot study is the first of its kind in Scotland, and has been instrumental in bringing the discourse on feasible and practicable uses for vacant and derelict land to the forefront. It uniquely applies emerging government policy in a project which melds research with practice to promote the value of landscape architecture. In doing so, it has highlighted to a wide range of professional and public bodies the role that landscape architecture offers when resolving issues relating to urban land use. The study is structured in such a way that the creativity and imagination come to the front. The authors cut through the analysis to provide just enough to justify what follows without losing the thread of the idea. The study presents inspiration from around the world and generates some of its own.

Two temporary green space projects have been delivered on site.

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