The Triangle is a back lot site with 43 affordable, social housing dwellings, and is the first product of a joint venture between Kevin McCloud’s development company HAB and Oakus, a division of Greensquare RSL.  The scheme aims is raise the standard of low energy housing, of landscape architecture and multi-functional landscapes.

Studio Engleback’s philosophy focuses on climate change, conservation of scarce resources and explaining why we need to change our habits through design and teaching. The multi-functional landscape design at the Triangle is an embodiment of these ideals. Making places socially sustainable is also an aim, and the edible landscape is a driver in bringing people together.

The ‘Grow 2 Eat’ edible landscape manual is issued to all new residents. Calendars and recipes from the book will be made available on the information screens installed in every house showing real time energy use, bus times, and other local information.

Approximate Map Location