An analysis of multiple views to build up a 3D model of the sensitive skyspace around the Tower of London WHS as a means of identifying and managing the visual setting of the Tower of London.

LUC was commissioned to develop a tool to analyse present and future development affecting the Tower’s setting, in order to protect the special visual character and ‘outstanding universal value’ of the World Heritage Site.

A visit to the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November 2006 put the Tower of London in the spotlight, highlighting the UK’s obligation to provide for the careful protection and management of our World Heritage Sites.

Using a 3D computer model of the Tower and surrounds, LUC and HRP identified the Buffer Zone and, within this zone, ‘model heights’ which should not be exceeded by new buildings.  In addition, the 3D skyspace model provides a more sophisticated notification ‘trigger’ for HRP than the existing standard 800m notification boundary.  The work fed into the WHS Management Plan.

LUC’s Tower of London Skyspace Study was highly commended in the Local Planning category of the Institute Awards with the judges commenting that this is ‘a remarkable and very impressive development of technology which should be of application to other historic urban settings’.