Cut, transport trees with Dymax’s new Timberwolf skid steer grapple tree shear (VIDEO)
Don McLoud | April 10, 2019
Dymax Tree Shear

The grapple on Dymax’s Forestry Grapple Tree Shear attachment holds the tree while the shear cuts through it.

Not only does Dymax’s new forestry grapple tree shear cut through trees, but it allows the operator to remove and transport trees as well.

The Timberwolf Forestry Grapple Tree Shear attachment for skid steers can cut through trees up to 14 inches in diameter. Dymax also offers a Bunching Grapple model that has an accumulator arm to allow cutting and removing groups of trees simultaneously. The accumulator arm holds in place a sheared tree while the shear cuts through additional smaller trees.

The attachment can handle soft and hardwood trees, the company says. The shear’s .75-inch AR400 milled knife edges are good for 2,500 hours of use before replacement, according to Dymax.

Dymax Tree Shears Clearing Forest

The tree is held in vertical position until it is released by the operator.

The grapple has no electronics attached to it, so no electronics would be damaged by falling trees. Hoses and cylinders are also protected internally. The company says the attachment is designed with increased shear speed and the “highest shearing power ratio available.”

The attachment works by first securing the tree with the grapple before cutting.  The shear blades then cut through the tree, allowing it to be lifted and then moved while in vertical position and released by tilting the grapple downward. The grapple’s rigid arm reduces the tree’s movement when it is being cut and when moving the tree to the debris pile.

The grapple tree shear is being offered by Skid Steer Solutions.

See below for a video of the attachment in action:

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