The UK State of talent survey is now closed

The LI’s landscape talent and education surveys are now closed. We were delighted with the responses we received, and would like to thank everyone who contributed to the research. Your insight will help us develop a solid body of evidence for the value of landscape intervention and skill needs in the sector.

One participant in the UK State of talent survey will win a £300 John Lewis voucher. The prize draw winner will be announced soon.

LI conducts major education and practice review

Between June and November 2017, the Institute undertook a major review spanning landscape education and practice.

One of the LI’s major focuses is ensuring that the landscape professions develop the skills they need to remain relevant and successful in the future. We looked into all areas and specialisms of the landscape profession spanning management, science, planning and design. A wide diversity of roles now exist in the sector, and we want new practitioners to be able and ready to meet these demands.

We reached out to industry and academic bodies with an array of research that included the UK State of Survey, the Education Survey, and face-to-face and telephone interviews with educators and academics. We had a fantastic response, and would like to extend our thanks to everyone who got involved.

Next stages

This research will help the LI answer a number of key questions:

  • What skills and competencies are required in modern landscape practice – and what skills are lacking – so we can support our members’ professional development?
  • How does the landscape profession contribute to the economy and society and how can we better promote the profession?
  • How can we forge closer links between academic and industry bodies to ensure that students entering the profession meet industry needs, and support HE institutions with our accreditation offer?

The LI’s consultants are now analysing the data and responses for presentation to the LI Board. This report will provide critical evidence-based solutions to help steer the LI’s business objectives and ensure that we are an inclusive home for all landscape and placemaking professionals.





Thank you to the following organisations who have joined the LI in promoting a project that will be hugely important to the future of our profession.

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