Furtherfield Gallery running ‘Scan the Park’ events in Finsbury Park

Workshops to create virtual portrait of north London park

Furtherfield Gallery in Finsbury Park, north London is offering a series of workshops to visitors of all ages to hack their own scanner with artist in residence Carlos Armendariz and Amelia Suchcika and create images for a collective portrait of Finsbury Park based on the gallery’s Nathaniel Stern commission

Nathaniel Stern has been using hacked desktop scanners to create beautiful images for over a decade. As part of the exhibition Beyond the Interface – London, he hung 21 large scale prints outside the Furtherfield Gallery and produced a complete new series of images available online: .

Participants in the workshops, which will take place on Saturdays 11 and 25 July, and Sunday 25 July, learn how to hack a scanner and use one of the artist’s scanners to create their own images. The goal is to create a collective portrait of Finsbury Park.

Further details about Furtherfield Gallery can be found on their .