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Cenex | March 7, 2019

For most contractors, keeping their fleet in top-notch working condition is a constant concern. Depending on the age and condition of the equipment, keeping machines running can be challenging. Many construction fleets replace a piece or two at a time, resulting in a fleet composed of machines with varying maintenance needs. Even so, with minimizing downtime of the utmost importance, fleet managers must ensure these machines are running at peak condition while reducing repairs, delivering more uptime even as equipment ages.

One solution for powerful performance
Caring for a mixed fleet can get complicated fast. However, one simple step that makes a big difference in increasing power and efficiency is using a premium diesel fuel. Ron Jessen, Cenex® premium diesel product development director for CHS, says that using a premium diesel fuel with a more complete additive package will keep equipment exhaust systems clean and maximize performance, no matter how diverse your equipment line. And, Jessen says, the right fuel will work across your machines, saving time and effort.

The answer is additives
Jessen says the key to keeping a fleet running, no matter the age of its equipment, is achieving a more complete burn, which is accomplished by the additive package. A more complete burn keeps the fuel and exhaust systems clean — critical to maximizing power.
“Cenex continually works with OEMs to meet the demands of today’s engines,” he says. “The technology of the Cenex premium diesel additive package meets the needs of high-tech Tier 4 Final diesel engines and at the same time we make sure it is backwards compatible.”
With that in mind, Jessen says, Cenex custom blends seven additives to address the challenges that most often create problems for equipment: heat, moisture, oxidation and contamination.
Together, the additives in Cenex premium diesel provide improved efficiency, reduced wear and extended life. “The complete package will take care of all the different functions that the diesel will need to perform well,” Jessen says.

Eliminate the guesswork
Jessen notes that using a premium diesel, such as those offered by Cenex, not only makes maintenance easier, but takes some of the guesswork out of maintaining a fleet. “We’ve been researching and developing premium fuels for fifty years,” he says. “Let us do the work — you have enough to do in keeping the machines up and running. With terminally injected diesel additives, there’s no second guessing about what you need to add to protect your diesel.”
Making a simple switch to a premium diesel — such as Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® for construction equipment, or Roadmaster XL® for on-road applications — is a simple solution for basic equipment maintenance challenges. Whether you’re investing in new equipment or extending the life of used machines — or both — protecting your investment with premium diesel fuel is a smart way to minimize downtime and maximize your peace of mind.

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