How to Boost Profits by Simplifying Your Telematics

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Volvo Construction | May 21, 2019

Using all the information telematics systems provide to manage your fleet can seem overwhelming. Hundreds or even thousands of fault codes that are hard to interpret don’t really help you decide what needs immediate action and what can wait — what the issue is, how to fix it, and what the consequences might be if you don’t.

Don’t let confusing fault codes keep you from using the valuable intelligence behind them. Turn to Volvo ActiveCare Direct, our 24/7/365 active machine monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service. We monitor customer machines in real time from our Uptime Center in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, and alert them and their dealers when corrective actions are necessary.

Other telematics systems send confusing fault codes that require you to decipher what’s really needed. Through ActiveCare Direct, we send easy-to-follow, emailed case alerts that show you:

  • the fault codes that went off
  • their probable causes
  • the specific action you should take
  • the possible consequences if you don’t

We recently posted a short article on our blog, The Scoop, showing you a few side-by-side comparisons of fault codes versus case alerts. There really is a difference.

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