Residential Visual Amenity Assessment (draft for member consultation)


    Under the current system, ‘residential amenity’ must be a factor in planning decisions.

    Residential amenity covers multiple potential effects of a development, including noise, dust, daylight, vibration, shadow flicker, outlook, and visual amenity. This draft technical guidance note (TGN) covers the assessment of effects on the visual component.

    A ‘right to a view’ is not an automatic right, even in the case of significant impacts to residents’ outlook. There are, however, situations where the impact on visual amenity is so great that the proposed development is against the public interest. The approach outlined in this TGN begins within the scope of an ordinary LVIA, and extends to a total of five stages if further assessment is deemed necessary.

    This TGN is currently in draft stage, and members’ comments on its content are invited. Please download the draft document below, and send all responses and observations to [email protected] by Friday 16 March 2018 (deadline extended).

    (PDF, 735 KB.)


    1. Please can I have a copy of the definitive RVAA guidance — it is important for Graveney village where developers want to put a solar park up of 900acres –thank you-and we need the ammunition to oppose it!