TRB webinar to delve into methods for determining whether roadway will sustain super heavy load
Joy Powell | March 19, 2019



Hauling company, Omega Morgan, custom built this 48 axle trailer to haul a 460,000-pound transformer. The total haul was 1 million pounds.. Photo credit: Kenworth

The impacts of superheavy load (SHL) movement on flexible pavements – and processes for best handling that – will be the subject of a free upcoming Transportation Research Board webinar.

It’s part of a U.S. Federal Highway Administration-sponsored research project.

SHL hauling units are much larger and heavier than standard trucks and may involve gross vehicle weights in excess of a few million pounds, which at times requires specialized trailers and components with nonstandard spacing between the tires and axles, according to TRB.


Giant transformer heavy-haul job breaks Wash. records: 1M lbs. across 47 mi.

Editor's Note: This post recounts the experience of a unique heavy haul job carried out by customers of Kenworth trucks and was provided by Kenworth. It’s ...

The presenters will discuss analysis methods to determine whether a pavement is structurally adequate to sustain SHL movement.

These will include subgrade bearing failure analysis, sloped pavement shoulder failure analysis, buried utility risk analysis, localized shear failure analysis, deflection-based service limit analysis, and cost allocation analysis.

The presenters will describe the SuperPACK tool developed to conduct this analysis.

This webinar was organized by the TRB Standing Committee on Structural Requirements of Asphalt Mixtures; TRB Standing Committee on General and Emerging Pavement Design; TRB Standing Committee on Design and Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavements; and TRB Standing Committee on Pavement Structural Modeling and Evaluation.

Some registrants will need to pay $95 to attend this webinar. Sign into to view registration information.


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